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ASI Data Science is a London-based firm with world-leading expertise in applying Artificial Intelligence in the real world

We are specialists in both transformational data strategy and technical data science. We know that academic “insights” are occasionally useful but mostly overblown, and we focus on generating real business value at every point during our projects. We have concentrated experience in the Finance, Retail and Government sectors but have applied our skills to a wide variety of environments; including professional sport, manufacturing and travel.

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The era of consultants delivering a slick slide deck, then disappearing off to give exactly the same presentation to your competition, is over.

Rightfully, companies demand more value for money, and are suspicious of easy answers. Companies want concrete solutions that are developed for their specific needs.

At ASI Data Science, our roots are in research, technology and software development. We’re a tech company, not a consultancy. We combine the technical expertise of the best of academia with the pace of development of the most effective start-ups, to deliver outstanding results as fast as possible.

Our consultancy is unique because we help organisations build internal capability throughout our consulting projects.

We do this by combining consulting engagements with our Fellowship programme, which helps PhD scientists transition to become data scientists.

This means that, at the same time as delivering value through our professional consultancy, we can help you recruit some of the best talent in Europe, mentor them throughout the engagement, and integrate them to become part of your team.

In contrast to every other consultancy in the world, this lets you get the short term impact without sacrificing the ability to build capability inside your organisation.

Given our backgrounds at the highest levels of government, industry and academia, it should be no surprise that we pride ourselves on maintaining the very highest of technical standards.

And when 10% of the UK’s PhD’s in science, technology, engineering and maths apply for our Fellowship, we get to be very selective about who we hire.

We are an organisation of technical specialists, where over 90% of ASI staff are directly data specialists.

We’ve trained some of the worlds largest and most prestigious organisations, including Big 4 accountancy firms and brand name strategy consultancies, in cutting-edge techniques in data science.

ASI Data Science facts


We are one of the most experienced data science consultancies in Europe, having worked on over 100 independent projects in almost every sector of the economy.


We are the most popular single destination for PhD’s in the UK, with 10% of the UK’s PhD’s in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths applying to the ASI Fellowship.


We have already generated over £100 million worth of value for the organisations that we've worked with, both through increased revenue and efficiency savings.

How can you work with us?

We provide two workshops:

Data Strategy

This workshop helps companies to understand the uses of data science inside their organisations. The deliverable consists of a list of impactful data science projects.

Data Science

This workshop helps companies to prioritise their data science projects and plan the execution of a particular project. The deliverable is an agile project roadmap.

We are happy to create project proposals for custom projects or in response to Request for Proposals (RFPs). Please contact us at to begin the conversation.

We are flexible in our arrangements, and happy to work in a variety of ways with different organisations. If you are interested in partnering with ASI, please contact us to discuss at

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