AI Safety Fellowship

Sponsored fellowship focussing on AI safety research

We believe that artificial intelligence will be one of the two or three transformational technologies of our century. And, like any incredibly powerful tool, we have to ensure it is used wisely.

Unlike most other powerful tools, though, there are likely to be technological ways that we can steer AI to be beneficial to all of humanity. Unfortunately, we think that research in this field is currently being neglected.

To help fix this, ASI will sponsor a Fellow to contribute to the field of AI safety research. This fellow will work for two months on a technical project in the domain of AI safety, hopefully in collaboration with other researchers in the field.

This project will run alongside our conventional fellowship, but be distinct from it. The bursary will be at the level of a London PhD salary. The applicants do not need the same background as our data science fellowship. They need to be able to demonstrate that they can contribute to research at the highest level.

They do not have to want to transition into data science, and do not have to have finished their PhD.

8 weeks in London
Top PhDs and programmers
Innovative companies
Impactful project

The next Fellowship starts

January 2017

AI Safety Research

Contribute to an incredibly important problem


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