AI for Executives

Course description

While full artificial intelligence is still far in the future, the latest machine-learning algorithms are making progress on problems that we previously thought were the unique domain of humans—tasks like speech and object recognition.

The AI for Executives course provides you with a condensed introduction to the key concepts and techniques of machine learning and AI. During this three full-day course, you will explore what is and is not possible with these exciting new tools, and understand how they can benefit your organisation. It will give you the language and framework to talk to both experts and executives.

You'll also gain experience with cutting-edge artificial intelligence by building your very own handwriting recognition engine. This will be placed in the wider context of what it means for businesses, so you can understand how these techniques translate to the real world and business value. If you are an executive, product manager, business leader, or user, this course will help you lead innovative projects more effectively within your business.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Gain a broad understanding of the AI universe—what is and is not possible with the latest techniques parameters

  2. Understand how businesses are using AI and machine learning today to drive change and increase efficiency across the company

  3. Understand the steps needed to start a data transformation within your business

  4. Learn how machine learning tools provide insight, predictions and allow personalisation. Understand, interpret and convey the results of machine learning models. 

Who should attend

This workshop is intended for executives, senior managers and business leaders who want to understand who AI and data science can impact their business.


At ASI Data Science you receive expert tuition from experienced practitioners. Our courses are developed by a team of experienced Machine Learning practitioners, who hold Doctorate Degrees in Science or Computer Science. ASI Data Science has a wealth of experience across different industries, having delivered over 150 commercial data science projects and provided corporate training for three years. This course is taught by Maria Diaz, Myles Kirby, Aida Mehonic and Richard Sargeant.

Maria Diaz is a Commercial Principal at ASI. She has more than ten years experience in helping organisations solve business problems by applying digital solutions. She also has expertise in advising fast growing organisations to transform their processes to achieve scale and growth. Before joining ASI, Maria was responsible for the client digital operations at Teradata Marketing Applications, leading the customer success, technical and project management teams. Prior to that, Maria managed the digital production team at eBay Enterprise.

Myles Kirby is a Commercial Principal at ASI. He has extensive experience in data and digital transformation in the private and public sectors, having worked with executive teams across 6 industries, and 4 continents. This has included advising the UK Government on their National Digital Transformation strategy and developing a new data strategy for a FTSE 10 oil and gas company. Before ASI he was a Manager at Accenture where he co-founded the Digital Strategy practice. His policy research on innovation and entrepreneurship has been covered in multiple international media outlets including Wired print edition, the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

Aida Mehonic is a Principal at ASI. She specialises in the development of alternative data sources for financial market predictions. She has led data science projects for investment funds, central and local government and utility companies. Before ASI she spent four years working in quantitative roles in financial markets, most recently as a Macro Strategist at J.P. Morgan Investment Bank covering global credit markets in the top ranked team in Europe.

Richard Sargeant is the Chief Commercial Officer at ASI. Richard has board level experience supporting senior leaders across a variety of sectors to transform their businesses to use AI effectively. Before joining ASI he was Director of Transformation at the Home Office, where he oversaw the creation of the second most advanced in-house machine learning capability in Government. He was one of the founding directors of the UK Government Digital Service and before that was at Google. He has also worked at the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, HM Treasury, and is the non-executive Board member at Exeter University with responsibility for Digital, Data, & Technology.


There are no technical knowledge requirements for this course. Attendees should bring a laptop with a web browser of their choice installed.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to AI
    • Definitions, historical context, present day usage, significance and urgency

  2. AI in industry today: practical applications & benchmark industry leaders
    • Discuss how AI is being used for Pricing, Supply Chain management, Marketing, li erations and other strategic approaches

  3. Data in companies - what are your raw materials?
    • In depth session on data, skills and tools and how to best manage them

  4. Project Selection: what makes a good data science project?
    • Learn about criteria for successful project selection

  5. Exercise on potential projects within your business

  6. Managing an AI project
    • Understanding the project lifecycle, typical timescales & common methodologies

    • AI performance metrics

    • Operations and maintenance for AI models

  7. Supporting a Data Transformation from where you are
    • What are the practical steps to do data science well within your business?

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